Making life easier when using C. elegans RNAi clones. Originally designed for genome-wide screens.
It does three things:
1. "Map your Clones": Automatically determines whether a clone taken from the Ahringer or Vidal RNAi library is what it is supposed to be, by mapping your clone sequences to our in-silico RNAi clone library.
2. "Find Targets": Predicts gene targets for RNAi clones.
3. "Retrieve Sequences": Allows single or multiple clone and transcript sequences to be retrieved.

Citation: :Clone Mapper: An Online Suite of Tools for RNAi Experiments in Caenorhabditis elegans. Nishant Thakur, Nathalie Pujol, Laurent Tichit, and Jonathan J. Ewbank G3 g3.114.013052

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